• 10 Facts About Totoro

    10 Facts About Totoro

    Some of these you will know….some of them maybe you won’t. Did you know My Neighbor Totoro is partly biographical? Did you know that the film was parodied in South Park?

  • Who is Totoro?

    Who is Totoro?

    Totoro is the title character in the Japanese animated film by Studio Ghibli – My Neighbor Totoro. He’s a fuzzy, giant, furry, pointy-eared creature with wide eyes and a fantastic smile.

  • Take the Studio Ghibli Quiz

    Take the Studio Ghibli Quiz

    Think you’re a fan? See how much of a fan you truly are by taking the Rotten Tomatoes Studio Ghibli quiz. Come back and tell us how well you did.

The Studio Ghibli Showdown 2013

The Studio Ghibli Showdown 2013

64 characters, 30 days, 1 winner

Vote here for your favourite spirit, person, or creature and help decide who is the world’s most popular Studio Ghibli character.


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